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The ultimate App for EVERY Barber.

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Do it all with DIGIBARBER 

• Let customers find you at a click of a button using our innovative mapping service. Direct access to a whole new customer base.

• Set your opening times using our SMART DIGICALENDAR system.  Let customers know when your available all of the time

• Less People QUEUING (Happy Customers) more people cutting! Know how many customers you will have in advance. Now you can plan your day, finance and life around your business!! Maximise your day.

• Let every customer know all your services every time

• Set up your own personalised page. Promote your skills to everyone and OUR Smart review system will be sure to let everyone know how good you are!

• Ongoing promotion from DIGIBARBER. We will work hard for you to get customers through the door!


Let us explain it all...


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